Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Biggest Man Made Machine

This is biggest man made machine. Especially large bucket-wheel excavators, over 200 meters long and up to 100 meters in height, are used in German strip-mining operations, and are the largest earth-movers in the world. These tremendous machines can cost over $100 million, take 5 years to assemble, require 5 people to operate, weigh more than 13,000 tons, and have a theoretical capacity of more than 12,000 m³/h.


Aryan said...

Wow that is really amazing

Anonymous said...

thats not the largest machine in the world, the jhare viking oil tanker is the largest its as long as the sears tower is tall and much larger at its girth making it the largest moving man made object that thing would look like a tonka truck nxt to it